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Wendy’s is doing the same thing.

Will wonders never cease.

Reblogging this because it keeps showing up on my dash and I keep not-quite raining on the parade, but it seems like everyone thinks this means something different than it does, so I guess I’ll rain on it a little bit.

I’m afraid this motion has nothing to do with conquering the gender binary or whatever Tumblr is really happy about to be reblogging it so heavily. It’s not about making little children feel like they can get whichever toy they prefer. It’d be nice if it was, but I’d be shocked if that was the case.

No, the girl toy here is a My Little Pony. Which means that the *real* reason for this notice is that a bunch of bronies, as there are bajillions of photos and videos of them doing, are coming into fast food restaurants and buying several happy meals. They threw pissy fits when asked if they wanted the “boy or girl” toy, insisting that My Little Pony isn’t for girls or whatever, again, only saying this because of overwhelming evidence that bronies do this shit. Management eventually has enough of it, asks employees to just ask if people want Skylanders or My Little Pony so they won’t have any more disgusted bronies getting mad that their precious fandom is targeted at crappy dumb little girls.

So the short version is: this little paper unfortunately means the exact opposite of what you think it means, socially speaking. It was put up because grown-ass men get all pissy when it’s suggested that they like a thing for girls.

Proof: <— this was posted on the net’s biggest brony hive on April 10, 2014. So yeah, this is sadly not about anything else but how awful bronies are, sorry.

Hey, hon?  I’d be willing to bet dollars to donuts that you’re the kind of person that will insist on women being included in what have been labeled as “male” activities, yet, when a male appreciates something that has been pigeonholed as strictly “feminine”, here you are actually trying to demonize them.

Equestria Daily’s guide DOES NOT SAY ANYWHERE IN IT that the McDonald’s management made this decision strictly to cater to male MLP fans.  Let me repeat that - THERE IS NOTHING IN THE LINK YOU GAVE THAT “PROVES” THAT THIS NEW RULE WAS IMPLEMENTED TO CATER SPECIFICALLY TO OLDER, MALE FANS.  The entire article is written by Equestria Daily staff, and is not a PR memo from McDonald’s representatives.  Secondly - who cares why it has been enacted in the first place?  Are you seriously so petty and bullheaded that you can’t accept something genuinely good taking place, simply because you believe it only has to do with older members of a fan base (which, need I remind you, will never have any significant impact on your life)?

I’ve got news for you, hon.  The existence of older members of this fan base has actually been downright beneficial to the “target demographic”.  You see, little girls don’t engage in consumer feedback.  Older fans, however, do.  What does this mean?  Improved quality of the toys, and a much wider selection that would have been offered otherwise.  I went over this topic previously in this post, should you care to take the time to read through it.  Also, it might help you to actually be aware that not all members of any group are going to be exact clones of one another, nor does becoming a fan of a cartoon mold a person into the stereotype that you created for them - a topic I expounded upon on this post (in fact, feel free to browse anything in this tag).

If you can’t accept something progressive occurring just because you feel that it’s strictly linked to a fan base that you don’t happen to like, simply because they didn’t turn out to be the shining, feminist knights in white armor you had hoped for, and just happen to be people no different from those that surround you on a daily basis, then that’s a pretty childish way to think.

When I read that third post, I was all like “Okay, this can’t be going anywhere impossibly stupid.”.

Then I read about how this is all a brony conspiracy and not just changing with the times.

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What if? → Avengers Study Group, Tony turns up just to brag about not having to turn up, and Thor is … Thor.

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…the future of pizza (X)

none pizza left beef

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Gotta love QuizUp

Some of my new clix cause I was taking pictures with the new camera, and I haven’t posted any new clix pictures in a while.

Cap and Bucky were a trade that I feel bad about but he insisted. The Spidey was given to me by the awesome sequentialawesome and Victoria Hand was bought for a SHIELD team I played the other day. Also because she’s a pretty cool piece and I’ve always wanted her.

Doctor Strange and War Machine were purchases on Friday, thanks, again to Jay ^ =) and Tiny Supes was prize support Friday. Only a few people showed up but it was a really fun night. 

The 3 at the bottom I got Wednesday. I bought a Single before the game and it was Maria. And the other two were prize support after the game, both blind pulled. 

I really like a lot of pieces I’ve gotten recently. The Spidey and the Dr. Strange are both pieces I’ve been wanting for a while now.