I'm Zach.
I'm 23.
I'm pretty amazing.
I post Avengers, Supernatural, Doctor Who, Lost, Comics, and pretty much just cool stuff in general.
I run a webcomic that I never update, but for a good read, it's up in my links.

If you have any questions, or just want to say 'Hi', or anything in my ask box, I'll love you. =)

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Awkward as fuck


"Well…. ahhh…..I gotta…. do the.. gotta go."

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I can’t get over this fucking video.

I honestly can’t handle these Game of Thrones 90s videos.

This video ruined “I Want It All” for me, I cannot hear that song anymore without seeing this in my head.

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Oh, Mister Thor, Sir. I am sooooo sorry.
All-New X-Men v1 #14

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~Pokekindness is BACK, baby!~
I’ve been away getting married and moving house, but I’m back once more to bring you: Shiny Scatterbug! (Kalos born, as always)
What pattern is it? It;s a surprise! (It’s a REALLY nice one though!)
To enter: Reblog, and I’ll pick someone at random after a while. :) The entry fee is to go put something cool in Wonder Trade.
Please, I do ask that everyone who enters goes and puts something great in Wonder Trade. Something that will make some random person smile! Whether it’s a hard to get Pokemon, or a great item, or something, please try. The whole point of this is to brighten up the community, so go make someone’s day! (Not sure what a good Pokemon is? See the FAQ on the page.) Winner must respond within a few days and collect no later than a week after, or it gets released into wonder trade!

Good luck everyone, and happy Wonder Trading!

*Puts 2 fishing Shinies into Wonder Trade for good luck* 

Shiny Scatterbbbuuuggggg ughhhh <3333333

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First time in a long time I didn’t see a Marvel movie opening night. 

Unfortunately, I had to work tonight. So, as of right now, I’m going to try to stay off of tumblr for the next 24 hours. I don’t want anything spoiled for me. 

Not that anyone cares that I’ll be gone, but I will. =)